In Print

No. 1 Engines of Change || Guest Editor, Ashley M. Jones || Matchsticks & fire, vessels of water to slake our thirst, balm for the rattling gears inside our minds & bodies, for something has tried to kill us, & our voices have risen to the occasion—featuring poetry from Chris Campanioni, Kimberly Casey, Florbela Espanca, Ashley Leshawn, Margaret Noodin, Carolina Pihelgas, Darlene Anita Scott, Laura Secord, Alessandra Simmons, Skylar Wampler, & Keri Withington || Designed & printed in collaboration with the Copper Country Community Arts Center Letterpress Studio—Hancock, Michigan, USA.


No. 2 Epochal Shift || Guest Editor, Tongo Eisen-Martin || From the migrating margins of sputtering imperium, settler colonialism, & the carceral state, for we are shook, & the future is upon us—featuring poetry by TBA || Designed & printed in collaboration with TYPA Printing & Paper Arts Centre—Tartu, Estonia.

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