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Simple Machines No. 2: Epochal Shift

From the migrating margins of sputtering imperium, settler colonialism, & the carceral state, for we are shook, & the future is upon us—featuring original poetry by Kimberly Blaeser, Michelle Brooks, Semaj Brown, Roger Camp, Bradley David, Dominic W. Holt, Zebulon Huset, Sam Kaspar, Hasso Krull, Kirsten Lum, Cameron MacDonald, Joanie Mackowski, Yuliya Musakovska, Ron Riekki, Danny Romero, Artemisio Romero y Carver, Gerard Sarnat, & Beatriz Seelaender. Tongo Eisen-Martin | Guest Editor M. Bartley Seigel | Editor Charlotte Biszewski | Art & Letterpress Mana Kaasik | Art & Letterpress Julia Syrzistie | Art & Letterpress Jörgen Loot  | Art & Letterpress Poems letterpress printed from magnesium dyes and original wood type, on 150 gsm Munken Pure Rough paper using the Victoria Polygraph Cylinder Press. Transparent inside letterpress printed onto 140 gsm Curious Translucents clear, using the FAG Standard proofing press. Designed and printed at TYPA Letterpress and Paper Art Centre, Tartu, Estonia, with thanks to Folger Print and Packaging Centre for the magnesium cliches.


Simple Machines No. 1: Engines of Change

Matchsticks & fire, vessels of water to slake our thirst, balm for the rattling gears inside our minds & bodies, for something has tried to kill us, & our voices have risen to the occasion—featuring original poetry from Chris Campanioni, Kimberly Casey, Florbela Espanca, Ashley Leshawn, Margaret Noodin, Carolina Pihelgas, Darlene Anita Scott, Laura Secord, Alessandra Simmons, Skylar Wampler, & Keri Withington. Ashley M. Jones | Guest Editor M. Bartley Seigel | Editor Bonnie Loukus | Art & Letterpress Daniel Schneider | Art & Letterpress Poems letterpress printed from photopolymer plates onto 250 gsm Cranes Lettra paper stock using a new style Chandler & Price 8 x 12 platen press. Portfolio sleeve letterpress printed onto 100-lb French’s Construction using a Vandercook No. 4 proofing press. Designed & printed at Copper Country Community Arts Center, Hancock, Michigan.



No. 3 In process, more soon…

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