Poem from the Greek poíēma, meaning a thing made. Poet defined in ancient terms as the maker of things. See William Carlos William’s “little machines,” among others. Seer, another kind of engineer, conditioned by material and structural realities, both working within and pushing against the constraints of medium to power radically reimagined futures. Language as lever, wedge, and screw, the elemental human instrument of magic modifying motion and force to perform the most difficult of labors, love—itself a Simple Machine.


Carlos M. Amador (he/his) || Editorial Board || Carlos publishes on 20th- and 21st-century Latin American (South America) cultural production, political theory, and ethics. He teaches Spanish and cultural studies at Michigan Technological University.

Stephanie Carpenter (she/hers) || Editorial Board || Stephanie is the author of Missing Persons, winner of the 2017 Press 53 Award for Short Fiction. Her work has appeared in Witness, Big Fiction, Nimrod, Crab Orchard Review, and other journals. She is a former editor at Salt Hill and The Missouri Review. She teaches creative writing and literature at Michigan Tech University.

Amy Lyn Howard (they/theirs) || Editorial Board || Amy is a poet and PhD candidate in the Rhetoric, Theory, and Culture program and serves as Assistant Director of Campus Diversity Initiatives at Michigan Technological University.

Ashley M. Jones (she/hers) || Guest Editor, 1 Engines of Change || Ashley is the author of dark//thing (Pleiades Press, 2019). Ashley’s book, REPARATIONS NOW!, is forthcoming from Hub City Press in 2021. She teaches creative writing at the Alabama School of Fine Arts and directs the Magic City Poetry Festival in Birmingham, Alabama.

Daniel Schneider (he/his) || Art Director || Daniel works at the intersection of book arts, printing, and industrial archaeology, focusing on mechanized work environments in manufacturing and extractive industries, the transformation of landscape, and creativity within mechanical constraint. He is the Letterpress Printer in Residence at the Copper Country Community Arts Center in Hancock, Michigan.

M. Bartley Seigel (he/his) || Founder & Editor || Matt is author of This Is What They Say (Typecast Publishing, 2013), and founding editor emeritus of PANK Magazine. His poetry regularly appears in journals such as DIAGRAM, Fourth River, Michigan Quarterly Review, Split Rock Review, Thrush, and elsewhere. He teaches creative writing and literature at Michigan Technological University.

Kette Thomas (she/hers) || Editorial Board || Kette is the author of scholarly articles such as “Haitian Zombie in its Religious Context” (Caribbean Vistas, 2014) and “With an Eye on a New set of Eyes: Beasts of the Southern Wild” (Journal of Religion and Film, 2013), among others. She teaches mythology, cinema, and literature at Michigan Technological University.

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